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PBN Links

Shahid Maqbool

By Shahid Maqbool
On Jul 3, 2023

PBN Links

What are PBN Links?

PBN (Private Blog Network) links are backlinks that originate from a network of privately owned websites and are directed towards another website outside this network.

These privately operated websites are created solely for the purpose of linking to the main site, often referred to as the "money site" or the target website, aiming to enhance its visibility and authority in search engine results.

Why do people get PBN links?

People used to get PBN links because they believed that these links could help improve their website's search engine rankings quickly. 

The idea behind using PBN links was to create a network of interconnected websites that could pass link juice (authority) to the target website, making it appear more popular and trustworthy in the eyes of search engines.

Here are some targeted reasons for which people opt for PBN links:

Manipulating search engine rankings

PBN links are believed to be a way to manipulate search engine algorithms and boost a website's rankings artificially.

By creating backlinks from multiple websites within the network, website owners aim to create the illusion of popularity and relevance to search engines.

Faster results

Compared to other SEO strategies that require time and effort to build natural backlinks, PBN links offer a shortcut to potentially achieve higher rankings in a shorter period.

This appeals to website owners who look for quick results and are willing to take risks.

Control over link placement

With a private blog network, website owners have complete control over where and how their backlinks are placed.

They can strategically insert links within the content of their PBN websites, optimizing anchor text and targeting specific keywords to maximize the SEO impact.

How PBN backlinks are generated?

There are two ways you can do it:

Building your own PBN

This involves creating and managing a network of websites that you own, with the intention of using them to boost your own site's rankings.

In this approach, you need to keep the PBN hidden from search engines by not interlinking the sites or revealing their connection.

You would selectively place backlinks to your own websites from the PBN sites. 

However, it's important to note that search engines are increasingly adept at identifying and penalizing PBNs, so this method carries significant risks.

Buying PBN backlinks

Some individuals or services offer PBN backlinks for sale. These are typically links from their existing network of PBN sites.

The risk associated with buying PBN backlinks is that the people running these networks may not be diligent about hiding the sites in their network.

They may even disclose the sites they own, which can lead to the entire network being identified and penalized by search engines.

In such cases, the purchased links offer little to no benefit and can be seen as scams that exploit individuals seeking quick SEO gains.

Should one build PBN links?

Using PBNs for link-building purposes is considered a black hat SEO technique and is against the guidelines of search engines like Google. 

Engaging in such practices can lead to severe penalties, including a drop in rankings or deindexing of your website.

It is strongly recommended to focus on building a strong and reputable website with earning natural backlinks from authoritative sources instead.

That being said, if one is interested in understanding the pros and cons of building PBN links, here is an overview:


  1. PBNs can provide a fast way to generate backlinks compared to organic link-building methods that require outreach and relationship building.

  2. With PBNs, you have control over the choice of anchor text and the specific pages that your backlinks will target.

  3. You can create multiple backlinks with minimal effort, as you control the content and placement of links within your PBN sites.

  4. If you own the PBN domain, the cost of acquiring backlinks is minimal compared to other link-building strategies.

  5. By leveraging the reputation of aged and reputable websites within your PBN, you can gain instant authority for your target website.


  1. Building PBN links can result in Google penalties and a significant drop in search engine rankings if your PBN is detected by search engines.

  2. If you buy PBN links from external sources, there is a risk that the links may end up being ineffective or even harmful to your website's SEO.

  3. If search engines identify your PBN activities, all the efforts and ranking successes achieved through PBN links can be negated.

  4. Buying expired high-authority domains for your PBN can be costly, depending on their quality and reputation.

  5. Building a site primarily with PBN links can make it challenging to sell in the future, as it may not be considered a reliable and sustainable long-term asset.

  6. PBNs are a temporary and risky SEO tactic that may offer short-term benefits.

  7. Relying on PBNs for SEO success can put your business on an unstable foundation, as search engines continuously evolve and improve their ability to detect and penalise such manipulative practices.


The use of PBN links is a black hat SEO technique that comes with significant risks and potential consequences.

Although Private Blog Networks (PBNs) may provide advantages such as quick backlinks, control over anchor text, and immediate authority, it is crucial to recognize that they fall under black hat SEO practices.

The drawbacks associated with PBNs outweigh the benefits, making them an unfavourable choice for long-term SEO strategies.

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