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The Story

SEODebate strives to create experts out of beginners.

With the rising popularity of SEO as a tool for businesses to promote themselves, many content writers and web designers adopted the title of ‘SEO expert’. However, people still lack
technical, in-depth knowledge of the subject, and tend to run into problems
once they have to tackle practical problems.

With 10+ years of extensive experience in SEO, our founder Shahid Maqbool set out to fill this knowledge gap.

The result of his efforts is SEODebate, a platform that anyone interested in SEO can use to ask questions and share information with professionals in the field.

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About Us

SEODebate aims to solve problems that users are facing.

A Q&A platform with SEO experts on hand at all hours of the day. If you run into problems or need tips for optimizing your website, you can utilize our service and find practical solutions.

Step-by-step guidelines. There's plenty of information about SEO on the internet, but it can be difficult for beginners to navigate. SEODebate is completely beginner friendly, and we can teach people how to optimize websites for their clients and personal blogs.

Templates, tools, and resources. When you start out in the SEO field, you may have to create templates for reports, competitive analysis, audits, proposals, etc. SEODebate streamlines this process by offering templates and resources to download. This can help you save time and show more productivity to your clients.

Articles and posts about the latest SEO trends. Anyone working in this field is aware that search engines update their algorithms very frequently. Therefore, your optimization strategies are also subject to constant change. SEODebate helps you keep up with the latest trends and changes in the algorithms.

Visual content and tutorials. Topics such as writing a meta- description and optimizing SPA website can be difficult for users to grasp from reading alone. Therefore, we’ve created videos to help you streamline your SEO process.

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