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Frequently asked Questions

The practice of ranking a webpage on search engines to increase its visibility when users search for relevant keywords and queries is referred to as Search Engine Optimization.

What is Identification and how it helps in SEO?

The initial discovery and strategy development phase. This is where it all begins!

Identification is crucial for an effective and enduring search engine strategy. In this phase, the target audience and SEO goals are identified.

The process begins by performing keyword research, competitor analysis, keyword market share, and SERP analysis to set proper SEO goals and determine the right direction for the SEO strategy.

Your target audience is the set of people being marketed to. In this way, you will be able to generate content and tools that are appropriately relevant and useful to your target audiences. 

Knowing your target audience and subsequently your target industry, you will be able to perform keyword research based on what the audience wants, rather than solely basing your conclusions on the content already present on the site, which may be limited. A net is cast to envisage what your target audience wants. 

Keep in mind that knowing your target industry is not enough. You have to perform an in-depth competitor analysis, keyword market share, and SERP analysis to understand the keyword difficulty, user intent, demand for each topic, and build the right mind map (Site Structure or Hierarchy) for your website.