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Local Queries

Shahid Maqbool

By Shahid Maqbool
On Apr 27, 2023

Local Queries

What are local queries?

Local queries are search queries people type into search engines that include a location, such as a city, zip code, or "near me."

People use these types of searches when they are looking for businesses, services, or information about something in their local area.

For example, someone might search "Italian restaurants in Chicago" or "plumbers near me" when they need to find a business close by.

Optimizing a website for these local searches can help businesses get more visibility. Also, it attracts more potential customers who are specifically looking for something in their city or neighbourhood.

Why are local queries important?

Local queries are important for local businesses because they help people find you more easily.

When someone searches for a product or service + a location, like "shoe store in Los Angeles," they want to find businesses near where they are.

Therefore, if your business serves customers in a specific area, you want to show up in those local search results.

Ranking for local searches can bring you more website visitors who are specifically looking for a business like yours close to their location.

And if you give them useful info like your address, hours, and directions, they're more likely to actually visit your store.

Optimizing for local search terms applies to businesses with a brick-and-mortar location. By making your online listings and website location-focused, local queries help drive both web traffic as well as foot traffic from potential customers in your region.

How to optimise them?

There are ways by which you can optimise local queries. 

Appropriate use of keywords

One effective way to optimize for local queries is to include location-specific keywords and phrases throughout your website.

You can mention the actual city, neighbourhood, zip code or other geographic terms related to where your business is located in the text, titles, descriptions and metadata of your site.

This helps search engines understand you are a local business servicing customers in that area.

Additionally, consider creating some pages or blog posts about your local community, attractions, events or landmarks near your store.

Organically mention streets, parks or other details about the area surrounding your business. Using relevant terms and references to your geographic location helps search engines display your site for related local searches.

For example, a cafe in Austin could work in phrases like "tasty coffee in downtown Austin" or "fresh pastry shop near the University of Texas."

A plumber in Miami could use "professional drain cleaning services in Brickell" or "fast leaks fixed near Wynwood."

Google My Business profile

Having an accurate and complete Google My Business profile is critical for ranking well in local search results.

Google My Business allows you to optimize your business information across Google Search and Maps.

By verifying and fully fleshing out your free listing, you make it much easier for potential customers to find and contact your business online.

Some of the key things you can add to your Google My Business profile include filling in your correct business name, street address, phone number, operating hours, photos of your storefront and offerings, website URL, details on any speciality services you provide, and responses to customer reviews.


Having a mobile-friendly website is also key for ranking in local searches. Many people search for local businesses on their smartphones or tablets while on the go.

If your website is difficult to navigate or read on a mobile device, those potential customers may leave to check out a competitor's site instead. But if your site is optimized for mobile, it provides a great user experience.

Relevant information

Lastly, make sure your website gives local visitors helpful information that is relevant to customers in your area.

Also display customer reviews, testimonials, or local press features that showcase your business. List any current promotions, events, classes, or activities happening in-store.


Local search is very important for businesses that serve customers in a specific area.

By optimizing their website and Google My Business profile to focus on their city and region, businesses can be found more easily when people search for things in that local area. This can help them get more potential customers that live close by.

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