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Shahid Maqbool

By Shahid Maqbool
On Jun 20, 2023


What is Spamdexing?

Spamdexing is all about trying to trick search engines like Google into ranking a website higher than it deserves.

The word itself combines "spam" (the internet's junk mail) and "indexing" (how search engines organize websites). So spamdexing refers to spamming the search indexes unfairly.

Instead of creating quality content, spamdexers use shady tactics to make their sites appear more popular or important.

Search engines really dislike this behaviour because it ruins the search experience for users.

Why Spamdexing is a Problem

When you search on Google, you expect to find the most relevant and useful websites at the top. Spamdexing muddles those results with lots of low-quality or completely fake sites.

Search engines have guidelines in place to prevent this and give users a good experience.

Common Spamdexing Tactics

Content Spam

Content spam is creating low-quality content and using manipulative tactics to get clicks, traffic and conversions.

Link Spam

Link spam means getting lots of random, unrelated websites to link to yours just to look popular and authoritative.

Article Spinning

Taking existing articles and sloppily rewriting them to make them look new is article spinning.

It's like changing a few words in a piece of writing, claiming it's original and creating many copies this way.

Doorway Pages

Doorway pages are created to drive traffic to the main website while providing no value to the reader because they are just optimized for certain keywords.


Cloaking means that a website's content shown to the search engine crawlers is different from what is shown to the users.

Scraped Content

Scraped content is the stolen content taken from the original source (website) and published on another website.

Auto-generated Content

Auto-generated content refers to the content generated by using programs or codes in large amounts and is not human-written.

Private Blog Networks

PBNs are the networks of websites created only to provide backlinks to another website to gain search rankings for that website.

Link Farms

Link farms are networks of interconnected websites that generate backlinks to improve search engine rankings.


Google and other search engines are constantly getting better at sniffing out spamdexing. If they catch you doing it, they can punish your site by burying it in the rankings or even banning it completely.

All that shady work never works, and you always have to start over legitimately. It's just not worth the risk and effort of trying to cheat the system.

The Better Option: Whitehat SEO

Spamdexing is a shady shortcut that usually leads to a dead end, instead of spamdexing, put your energy into creating genuine content that helps people.

Build real authority by getting quality backlinks from reliable sites. Optimize your site properly following search engine guidelines.

It takes more patience and hard work, but this ethical "whitehat" SEO approach actually pays off.

You'll earn loyal visitors who trust your brand, instead of just tricking search engines temporarily.

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