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Auto-generated Content

Shahid Maqbool

By Shahid Maqbool
On Jun 22, 2023

Auto Generated Content

What is Auto-generated Content?

Auto-generated (automatically-generated) content refers to any text, images, videos or other content on websites that is created automatically by computer programs and software, without any human being directly involved in the creation process.

Rather than having an actual person writing the text or making the visuals, the content is mathematically generated and published online through automated systems and algorithms. There is no manual human input or creative work put into auto-generated content.

The Controversial Use of Auto-Generated Content

While using technology to automate and speed up content creation may seem efficient, the reality is that auto-generated content exists for one primary purpose - trying to manipulate search engine rankings through deception.

The contents created by these automated programs do not provide any true value, insight or originality for users viewing the websites.

The text and visuals are essentially meaningless filler, created solely in an attempt to trick search engines into giving the website a higher ranking.

This use of auto-generated content to try and game the system is considered a "black hat" search engine optimization (SEO) tactic that violates guidelines set by Google, Bing and other major search engines.

Websites engaged in auto-generating large portions of their content run a very real risk of getting penalized, having manual actions taken against them, or even being banned completely from search results.

The Value of Quality, Human-created Content

In contrast to the empty auto-generated content, websites see tremendous value in content that is genuinely created by talented human writers, editors, videographers, graphic designers and other creators.

Content made by skilled people specifically for human audiences stands out as:

  • 100% original thinking and ideas

  • Insightful analysis and perspectives

  • Engaging writing and visual storytelling

  • Factual, well-researched information

  • Valuable knowledge and takeaways

The major search engines make it a top priority to highly rank and prominently display this type of high-quality, human-created content in their search results.

They understand that users have a far better experience when they can easily find and consume content thoughtfully made by writers, creators and subject matter experts.

As an online consumer yourself, you've likely experienced the difference between reading/viewing content crafted by a person versus random computer-generated words and visuals.

Human-made content keeps you informed and engaged, while auto-generated content leaves you disinterested or confused.

The Smart Way Forward for Websites

At the end of the day, trying to artificially inflate a website's search presence through auto-generated content is a deceptive and risky shortcut that creates a poor experience for users.

The much smarter and more sustainable approach for websites is to prioritize investing in skilled human content creators who can efficiently produce a high volume of original, quality material that truly provides value to their audiences.

While it may take more effort upfront, publishing this type of authentic, human-created content, in the long run, allows websites to:

  • Build credibility and establish expertise

  • Engage audiences and build customer loyalty

  • Nurture relationships with users through transparency

  • Enhance overall search performance legitimately

  • Avoid risks of penalties or bans for deceptive tactics

By focusing efforts on quality over quantity of content, and bringing in talented creators over automated programs, websites can ensure they are delivering the best possible experience that truly benefits users.

This authentic approach is rewarded by search engines and cultivates a loyal audience for long-term success.

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