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Commercial Investigation Queries

Shahid Maqbool

By Shahid Maqbool
On Jun 6, 2023

Commercial Investigation Queries

What are Commercial Investigation Queries?

Commercial investigation queries are search terms people use to compare or research products or services to find a desired one. They use these searches to read reviews, find the best option, or make a purchase decision.

Commercial investigation queries can have different intents behind them - informational and transactional. A person might be searching for general information about a product or service.

Or they could be further along in the process and compare options to reach a purchase decision. Often search intent is not exactly clear.

Commercial investigation queries can also have local search combined with them. 


If a user searches:

  • Best mobile companies

  • Khaadi vs Gul Ahmed

  • Samsung S20 reviews

These commercial investigation queries can be informational and/or transactional.

Likewise, if a user searches:

  • Top hotels in Dubai

  • Best educational institutes in Dubai

These two queries can also be local searches by which the users find the location.

How to optimise for them?

You may take these steps to optimize your business for commercial investigation queries:

  • First, analyze what keywords people search for, especially popular product or service comparisons in your industry. Include these relevant words and phrases on website pages and meta tags. This helps search engines connect your site to the investigations users do.

  • Make content that speaks to the research and questions of potential buyers. Offer detailed comparisons, reviews, and pros/cons - not sales pitches but helpful information. This can turn website visitors into trusting customers.

  • Search engine algorithms and user behaviour can change over time. So it's important for businesses to continuously monitor their search engine rankings and make changes to their SEO strategies accordingly.

Ending note

Businesses need to understand the different types of terms potential customers use to search for products, services and companies.

Analyzing the words and intent behind these queries can greatly help in optimizing a website.

Businesses can increase their visibility and attract more qualified leads by providing helpful content to their visitors.

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