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PDF Submissions

Shahid Maqbool

By Shahid Maqbool
On Jul 10, 2023

PDF Submissions

What is PDF Submission?

PDF (Portable Document Format) submission is an off-page SEO strategy that involves sharing e-books, whitepapers and other documents in PDF format.

These files or documents are shared on other websites or content distribution platforms. The purpose is to get more visibility for your website.

Importance of PDF submission

PDF submission serves different purposes, including:

Improving rankings

Search engines consider backlinks as a key factor in determining the relevance and authority of a website.

This method is used as a powerful off-page SEO strategy for link-building. It helps improve your website's search engine rankings by providing backlinks from high-quality sources.

Generating traffic

When you submit PDF files to a website, it does not only provide you with backlinks but also enhances your chances of reaching a wider audience and attracting more clients.

Brand visibility

It helps to increase brand visibility by making the content available on different platforms. This can establish the brand as an authority in its niche.

Content marketing

PDF submission can be a part of a content marketing strategy to attract a target audience.

By doing so, you can reach potential customers who are interested in your products or services.

What are dofollow PDF submission sites?

Dofollow PDF submission sites allow you to submit PDF files and add dofollow backlinks to the content. 

Dofollow backlinks allow search engines to pass on link juice to the linked page. 

These backlinks can help improve the rankings of your website and drive more traffic.

Top PDF submission sites

Here are some top sites that you can use to promote your content:

  1. Issuu - It is a popular platform for creating and sharing digital publications like magazines, catalogues and brochures.

    Issuu PDF Submission site
  2. Scribd - A digital library that allows you to upload and share documents in PDF format.

    Scribd PDF Submission site
  3. Slideshare - This platform allows you to share slide presentations but also accepts PDF documents.

    SlideShare PDF Submission site
  4. Calameo - It allows you to create and share publications like magazines, books and reports.

    Calameo PDF Submission site

  5. Yumpu - This is another platform for sharing magazines, catalogues and brochures in PDF format.

    Yumpu PDF Submission site
  6. DocDroid - This is a free online document-sharing platform. It allows you to upload and share PDF files with others.

    Docdroid PDF Submission site
  7. FlipHTML5 - You can share PDF magazines, books, catalogues and brochures here.

    FLIPHTML5 PDF Submission site
  8. Edocr - It allows you to upload and share PDF files with a global audience.

    Edocr PDF Submission site
  9. Lulu - This is a self-publishing platform. It allows you to create and distribute digital and print publications.

    Lulu PDF Submission site

Process of PDF submission

This process is straightforward. Here are the steps:

Start with creating a PDF file

First of all, create a high-quality file that provides value to your target audience. Add informative content, images, tables and charts in the PDF file. 

Using a PDF creator tool

Many PDF creator tools are available online, such as Adobe Acrobat, SmallPDF, etc. These tools allow you to convert various file formats into PDFs.

Simply upload your file to the tool and follow the instructions to convert it to PDF.

Saving the file

Many applications like Microsoft Word or Google Docs have the option to save a file as a PDF. Simply select the "Save As" option and choose PDF as the file type.

Choose PDF submission sites

Select the sites that are relevant to your niche and have a good reputation. Make a list of them.

Register for an account

Create an account on the selected site. Fill out your profile information along with the details of your website if they ask.

Upload your PDF file

Now upload your file and provide a title, description and relevant tags. Make sure that your file is optimised for the web and does not exceed the maximum file size limit of the submission site.

Add dofollow backlinks

Include dofollow backlinks to your website or landing page within the PDF file, which can help to improve your website's authority.

Review and publish

Review the information, make any necessary changes and then publish it.

Share and promote

Share this published PDF file on your social media accounts, email newsletters, and other marketing channels to increase its visibility.


PDF submission is a powerful off-page SEO strategy for promoting your business and improving rankings.

Creating high-quality PDF files, adding dofollow backlinks, and submitting them to reputable sites can attract more traffic to your website.

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