Google Clarifies: Third-Party SEO Tool Scores Not Used for Rankings, Still Valuable

Shahid Maqbool

By Shahid Maqbool
On Aug 16, 2023

Google Clarifies: Third-Party SEO Tool Scores Not Used for Rankings, Still Valuable

Key Takeaways

  • Google doesn't use third-party SEO tool scores for ranking but relies on its own algorithms.

  • Third-party SEO tool scores offer insights into a website's SEO performance and potential issues.

  • Understanding scoring mechanics helps gauge tool relevance.

In a recent episode of the popular series 'Ask Googlebot,' John Mueller provided insights into how the search engine giant views third-party SEO tool scores.

While these scores are not utilized by Google's algorithms to determine website rankings, they still hold value for website owners seeking to enhance their SEO strategies.

Mueller clarified that Google does not take into consideration scores from external SEO tools when deciding where a website should rank in search results.

Instead, the search engine relies on its own sophisticated algorithms and assessments to determine search rankings.

However, Mueller highlighted the potential benefits of third-party SEO tool scores. He indicated that these scores can offer a valuable overview of a website's performance with regard to SEO best practices.

These scores provide supplementary data beyond what Google offers, offering insights into how well sites are optimized for search engines.

Transparently calculated scores can be useful to estimate your website’s standing or to point out actual issues. They could help with the next steps or perhaps even qualify the work that was done.

John Mueller

Mueller also underscored the importance of understanding the mechanics of a scoring system. This understanding can help website owners determine the relevance of a particular tool to their specific needs.

To illustrate this point, Mueller referenced Google's Chrome Lighthouse tool, which generates scores for website performance. He made it clear that these performance scores do not directly influence search rankings.

Nevertheless, they can still be advantageous for website owners, as the scores are based on various tests that provide insights into a site's performance.

The score is transparently created based on various tests, which you can look at. With the overall score, you can estimate how well your website performs for those tests.

John Mueller

Even though certain issues highlighted by these scores may not have a direct impact on a website's search engine ranking, they can significantly affect user experience and click-through rates.

Thus, third-party SEO tool scores can indirectly contribute to overall website success.

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