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Forum Submission

Shahid Maqbool

By Shahid Maqbool
On Jul 4, 2023

Forum Submission

What is Forum Submission?

Forum submission or forum posting refers to the act of posting content, such as questions, answers, or discussions, on an online forum. 

Online forums are platforms where individuals can share information, ideas, and opinions on various topics, often organized into categories or threads. 

Forum submissions can be text-based, including written posts or comments, or may include multimedia content, such as images or videos.

The purpose of forum submissions can vary widely, from seeking advice or information to engaging in debates or simply socializing with others who share similar interests.

Importance of forum submissions

Forum submissions can be important for several reasons:

Sharing knowledge

Online forums allow individuals to share their knowledge and expertise on various topics. This can be particularly helpful for people who are seeking information on a particular subject, as they can benefit from the insights and experiences of others.

Building community

Forums can help to bring people together who share similar interests or experiences. This can help to build a sense of community and provide individuals with a supportive network of like-minded people.

Getting feedback

It can be a useful way to get feedback on ideas or projects. Users can post their work or ideas and receive constructive criticism and suggestions from other forum members.


When you include a link to your website in your forum submission, it can create a backlink to your site.

Backlinks are an important factor in SEO, as they can improve your website's authority and search engine rankings.

Generating traffic

For businesses or websites, forum submissions can help to generate traffic and increase visibility.

By participating in relevant forums and sharing valuable content, businesses can attract new customers and build their brands.

Improving search engine rankings

Forum submissions can also help to improve search engine rankings. By including links to relevant content or websites in forum posts, businesses can improve their search engine optimization and increase their visibility online.

Flexibility and convenience 

Forum posting sites are flexible and convenient because they offer an open forum where people can share their ideas, opinions, and experiences. 

Unlike social media platforms where the algorithm determines what content is seen by the audience, forum posting sites allow users to view and participate in discussions on a wide range of topics, including niche areas. 

The user interface of forum posting sites is also easy to navigate, making it convenient for users to find the discussions that interest them.

Building relationships and gathering feedback 

One of the most significant benefits of using forum submission sites is the ability to interact with prospects and customers.

By engaging with their audience, businesses can establish trust, build relationships, and become reliable sources of information. 

This interaction can take the form of answering questions, providing advice, or offering solutions to problems.

By doing this, businesses can establish themselves as industry leaders and build a loyal customer base.

Moreover, forum submission sites are an excellent way for businesses to gather feedback and suggestions from their audience. 

By monitoring discussions and engaging with users, businesses can learn about their customers' needs and preferences.

This feedback can then be used to improve products or services and tailor marketing efforts to better target the audience.

Retaining visitors and increasing engagement 

Forum submission sites are an excellent way to retain visitors to a website. By providing valuable content and engaging in meaningful discussions, businesses can keep people coming back to their sites.

This increases the likelihood of conversion, as visitors are more likely to trust and purchase from businesses they are familiar with.

By consistently providing valuable information and engaging with users, businesses can build a loyal customer base that keeps coming back.

Moreover, forum submission sites can also increase the amount of time visitors spend on a website.

As users engage in discussions, they spend more time exploring the site, reading other content, and interacting with other users.

This extended engagement can lead to higher levels of interest and increased brand loyalty.

History of forum submission

Online forums have been around since the early days of the internet. The first forum software was developed in the 1970s, and these early forums were primarily used by academics and researchers to share information and collaborate on projects.

The first public forum was created in 1979 by Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis, two graduate students at Duke University.

Their forum, called Usenet, allowed users to post messages and engage in discussions on a wide range of topics.

Over the years, online forums evolved and became more user-friendly, with features like threaded discussions, private messaging, and the ability to post multimedia content. 

In the 1990s and 2000s, forums became popular among hobbyists, gamers, and other enthusiasts, who used them to share information and connect with others who shared their interests.

Today, forums continue to be a popular way for people to share information and engage with others online.

Many forums are organized around specific topics or niches, and they can be a valuable resource for people seeking information, advice, or support on a particular subject. 

With the rise of social media, some forums have declined in popularity, but many continue to thrive and serve as valuable resources for their communities.

How do forum submissions work?

Forum submissions typically work in the following way:

User Registration

In order to participate in a forum, users must register for an account. This typically involves providing an email address and creating a username and password.

Choosing a relevant forum

Once registered, users can browse the forums available on the site and choose one that is relevant to their interests or needs.

Posting content

Users can then post content to the forum, such as questions, comments, or discussions. They can also respond to other users' posts and engage in conversations.


Some forums are moderated, which means that the content is reviewed by a moderator before it is posted publicly.

Moderators ensure that the content is appropriate and meets the forum's guidelines and rules.


Other forum users can respond to posts and engage in discussions, which can create a sense of community and encourage further participation.


Users can search the forum for specific topics or keywords to find information on a particular subject. They can also bookmark posts or threads that are particularly useful or interesting.

Forum submissions Vs content-rich articles: which one is better?

Both forum submissions and content-rich articles have their merits, and their effectiveness depends on the goals and needs of content creators and their audiences.

Forum submissions are shorter, more casual, and geared towards engaging with other users on specific topics.

They foster community building and information sharing but may not provide as much depth as content-rich articles.

On the other hand, content-rich articles are longer, more comprehensive, and focused on establishing the author or website as an authority in a particular subject.

They cover more keywords, drive traffic, and provide extensive information, boosting SEO. However, they may not be as effective for community building and user engagement.

It is important to note that forum submissions are equally important as they help forge connections, demonstrate expertise, and indirectly promote blogs by addressing specific problems.

Engaging in forums and utilizing signatures with multiple blog links can further enhance visibility and SEO, encouraging visitors to return regularly.

To create a successful blog strategy, it is advisable to incorporate both approaches.

How to get dofollow links from forum submissions?

Getting do-follow backlinks from high PR forum posting sites can be a valuable way to improve your website's search engine rankings and increase its online visibility. 

Here are some steps to follow to get do-follow backlinks from high PR forum posting sites:

Identify high PR forum posting sites

Look for high PR forum posting sites in your niche or industry. You can use search engines or online tools to find forums that have a high domain authority and page rank.

Make sure to focus on forums that allow do-follow links, as some forums only allow no-follow links.

Create a profile

Once you have identified the high PR forum posting sites, create a profile on each forum. Provide accurate and complete information about yourself, including your website URL and social media links.

This will help you establish credibility and build trust with the community.

Engage in meaningful discussions

Participate in discussions that are relevant to your niche or industry. Make sure to provide valuable insights, answer questions, and share your expertise. This will help you build your reputation as an authority in your field.

Add links in your signature

Most forums allow users to add a signature that appears at the end of each post. Use this space to add a do-follow link to your website.

Make sure the link is relevant and adds value to the discussion. Avoid spamming or adding irrelevant links, as this can lead to a ban.

Follow forum guidelines

Make sure to follow the guidelines of each forum. This includes avoiding spamming, using proper language, and respecting other users. Violating forum guidelines can lead to a ban or loss of credibility.

Best practices regarding forum submissions

Here are some best practices to consider when submitting content to a forum:

Follow the forum rules

Before submitting anything, make sure you read and understand the forum rules. Follow them carefully to avoid any penalties or being banned.

Choose the right forum

Make sure you are submitting your content in the right forum that is relevant to your topic. This will ensure that your content is reaching the right audience and will increase the chances of engagement.

Use a descriptive title

Make sure your title is descriptive and accurately reflects the content of your post. This will help other users find your post more easily and understand what your post is about.

Be respectful

Always be respectful to other forum members, even if you disagree with them. Avoid any offensive language or behaviour.

Use proper formatting

Use proper formatting to make your post easy to read. Use paragraphs, headings, and bullet points where appropriate.

Provide value

Make sure your post provides value to other forum members. Avoid posting content that is spammy or purely self-promotional.

Engage with other users

Engage with other users by responding to their comments and asking questions. This will help build relationships and increase engagement.

Be active

Be active on the forum by posting regularly and responding to comments. This will help establish your credibility and increase your visibility on the forum.

Bad practices regarding forum submissions

Here are some bad practices to avoid when submitting content to a forum:


Posting the same content multiple times or posting irrelevant or promotional content repeatedly is considered spamming. This can result in penalties and may lead to being banned from the forum.


Posting comments or content with the intention of inciting an argument or provoking other users is called trolling. This is disruptive and can lead to penalties or being banned.


Copying and pasting content from other sources without giving proper credit is considered plagiarism. This is unethical and can lead to penalties.

Using inappropriate language or behaviour

Using offensive or abusive language, or engaging in inappropriate behaviour, is unacceptable and can result in penalties or being banned.

Hijacking threads

Posting off-topic comments or hijacking threads by changing the subject of the conversation is disruptive and can lead to penalties.

FYI: Hijacking threads refer to the act of diverting or taking over an ongoing discussion on a forum or online platform. It typically involves a user introducing a new topic or shifting the focus of the conversation away from the original subject.

Not following forum rules

Not following the forum rules, including guidelines for posting and engagement, can lead to penalties or being banned.

Posting personal information

Posting personal information about yourself or others, such as phone numbers or addresses, is a violation of privacy and can lead to penalties.

Ignoring feedback

Ignoring feedback or comments from other users can damage your reputation and credibility on the forum.

It is important to engage with other users and respond to their comments in a respectful manner.

Sites that are known for forum submissions

Here are some of the most popular forum submission sites:

  • Reddit: Reddit is one of the largest online discussion platforms with subreddits on nearly every topic imaginable.

  • Quora: Quora is a popular question-and-answer platform where users can ask and answer questions on various topics.

  • Stack Exchange: Stack Exchange is a network of Q&A sites focused on specific topics such as programming, math, and science.

  • Warrior Forum: Warrior Forum is a platform for digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to discuss topics related to online marketing and business.

  • Digital Point: Digital Point is a forum for webmasters, online marketers, and SEO professionals to discuss topics related to online business and marketing.

  • Moz Community: Moz Community is a forum for SEO professionals to discuss topics related to search engine optimization and digital marketing.

  • WebmasterWorld: WebmasterWorld is a forum for webmasters and website owners to discuss topics related to website development, marketing, and SEO.

  • GitHub Community: GitHub Community is for developers to discuss topics related to coding, software development, and open-source projects.

  • LinkedIn Groups: LinkedIn Groups are for professionals to network, share information, and discuss topics related to their industries.

  • WordPress Support: WordPress Support is for WordPress users to discuss topics related to website development, plugins, themes, and troubleshooting.

  • Trello Community: Trello Community is for Trello users to discuss topics related to project management, productivity, and collaboration.

  • Product Hunt: Product Hunt is a forum for entrepreneurs and product makers to showcase and discuss new products and innovations.

  • Hacker News: Hacker News is a forum for tech enthusiasts to discuss topics related to technology, startups, and entrepreneurship.


Forum submissions can be a valuable way to engage with like-minded individuals and share knowledge and ideas.

To make the most of forum submissions, it is important to follow best practices and avoid bad practices.

By following the guidelines, you can make a positive contribution to the forum community and build a strong reputation as a valuable contributor.

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