Google to Amplify Personalization in Search Results with New Updates

Shahid Maqbool

By Shahid Maqbool
On Nov 20, 2023

Google to Amplify Personalization in Search Results with New Updates

Key Takeaways

  • Google is introducing a "Follow" button in search results to allow users to follow the topics of their interest.

  • A new "News for You" section will display content in search results based on users' followed topics.

  • Personalized search features - including content from frequently visited websites - will roll out later this year for US users.

Google is introducing a range of features directly in the search results to show searchers the information that matters to them. One important addition is the introduction of a "Follow" button in Google Search that will allow users to subscribe to topics of interest.

The new button will enable the users to receive updates on their favourite or followed topics in their home feed or when visiting a particular search query again. This feature will initially launch in US English search results within the Google App and mobile search results.

Another significant change that is part of this November update is the introduction of a new section "News for You". Google may introduce it soon to show specific content in the search results based on the user's followed topics.

The perspectives feature may also see updates in this section as well. Also, search snippets and Google Discover may follow this new update by showing you relevant topics of interest or by sending you notifications respectively.

Besides that, Google is also rolling out a new feature that will show you the content of websites you frequently visit. It means the ranking of websites may differ for each individual based on their browsing history and the sites they prioritize to visit.

The Perspectives feature is also being updated to integrate the content from social media platforms and forums. Even it will have content from different blogs. Google will also highlight the details of content creators in search results like total followers and their social media accounts.

These personalized search features will be available later this year for users in the US. It's important to note that users won't be able to turn off personalized search history separately. It's linked to the overall personalization settings or signing out of Google Search.

These updates - just like others - have received a mixed reaction from the SEO community. Some see it as a positive step towards a personalized search experience while some have raised questions about Google's main goal, which is providing users with quality content rather than just serving them with what they want. 

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