Google Search Introduces Ask a Doctor Feature for Medical Queries

Shahid Maqbool

By Shahid Maqbool
On Nov 23, 2023

Google Introduces Ask a Doctor Feature for Medical Queries

Key Takeaways

  • Google recently launched an "Ask a Doctor" feature to provide quick access to health information in searches.

  • The goal is to give users reliable health guidance alongside regular search results. However, it has limits compared to personalized medical advice.

Google recently added a new feature to search called "Ask a Doctor." This feature gives you quick access to health information when you search for medical topics.

When you search for something health-related on Google, you may now see a special section called "Ask a Doctor." It looks similar to the "People Also Ask" section but focuses on health questions.

This section shows common medical questions and summaries about the topic you searched for. The summaries come from trusted health groups like the American Diabetes Association.

If you click on a question, Google gives you a short summary answer from these health experts. The goal is to provide reliable health information along with regular search results.

When Was This Added?

We don't know exactly when the "Ask a Doctor" feature launched. But it seems like it was added recently.

Megan Medaris - a search engine expert - noticed this new feature and wrote on X about it. She thought it seemed useful but wondered if people want "answers directly from real doctors."

Ask a doctor feature

Right now, the health summaries are written by medical groups, not individual doctors. Megan suggested users might expect personalized advice instead.

Google wants people to easily find trustworthy health information when searching. By teaming up with respected organizations, they aim to improve access to high-quality medical guidance.

But the information has limits compared to talking to your own doctor. Experts say the feature should give you a helpful starting point but not replace diagnoses and care plans from physicians.

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