XML Sitemap Downloader

Trying to figure out how many total pages are on a website can be really tedious and time-consuming if you have to manually visit and count each page one by one. Thankfully, there's a neat tool called the XML Sitemap Downloader that automates this process and makes it much quicker and easier.

The way this tool works is by allowing you to download a special file called an XML sitemap directly into a Google Sheet. An XML sitemap is basically just a master list of all the URLs or webpage addresses that exist on a website.

One of the primary uses for the XML Sitemap Downloader is when you need to rapidly assess the overall size of a website in terms of its total page count. Instead of having to laboriously pull up page after page to count them, you simply take the sitemap URL and paste it into the designated place in the provided Google Sheet.

Once you enter that sitemap URL, the XML Sitemap Downloader tool will automatically do all the heavy lifting for you. It will fetch that sitemap file and generate a comprehensive list containing all of the URLs for every single page on that entire website. This powerful functionality saves you from the tedious work of manually crawling through each webpage.

With the full list of URLs compiled neatly in one place on the Google Sheet, you can then easily count them up to calculate the total number of pages on that site. No more guessing or wasting valuable time!

To start using it, you just need to open the Google Sheet file, make a duplicate copy for yourself, and paste the sitemap URL you want to analyze into column B. Then sit back and wait briefly while the tool populates column D with all of the corresponding page URLs from that sitemap.

If a website happens to have multiple sitemap files instead of just one, you'll need to process each of those sitemaps through the tool one-by-one, since this particular version can't yet handle merged or indexed sitemaps. But even with that small limitation, the XML Sitemap Downloader still saves you immense time and effort.


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