Competitor Analysis Template

Staying ahead of other businesses is important for success. That's why we have an exciting new competitor analysis tool to share with you. This tool will help you study your competitors closely and find new ways to grow your business.

One key feature lets you see which word searches (keywords) your competitors rank highly for, but you don't. Knowing this, you can improve your website and content to rank for those valuable keywords too.

More high rankings = more website visitors and customers!

Another great feature shows you all the high-quality backlinks (sites linking to your competitor) that you are missing. You can then work to get those same backlinks to your site. More quality backlinks improves your search engine rankings.

The tool also compares your overall website metrics to competitors. You'll see where your website does well and where it needs improvement to get ahead.

To make the tool super easy to use, we'll have a step-by-step video tutorial on our website soon. The video will show you how to get the full value from every part of the analysis.

Don't let your competition get too far ahead. Get this awesome analysis tool today and get the insights to supercharge your online marketing. Stay one step ahead of others!


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