Monthly SEO Plan Template

A well-structured and comprehensive 6-month SEO plan is crucial for effectively optimizing your website or your client's website and improving its search engine rankings. To assist you in this endeavor, we have provided a helpful checklist and template.

The checklist, located on the first sheet, contains essential tasks that serve as a starting point. Feel free to customize it according to your specific needs. The subsequent sheet is the 6-month plan, which displays all the planned tasks. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and is intended solely as a template. You can color code your tasks using tags such as "Not Assigned but completed," "Assigned and completed," "Planned but not completed," "Planned Activity," and "In progress."

The GTD (Getting Things Done) tracker sheet allows you to enter task details, assign team members, and track progress by specifying the month and week in which the task was worked on. This tracker ensures efficient task management and accountability. Lastly, the inbox sheet enables you to record ad-hoc client requests and map them to your tracker for proper tracking and implementation.

Remember, this SEO plan and checklist provide a framework to guide your efforts, but they should be tailored to suit your specific objectives and requirements. To utilize this template, please make a copy first and then make the desired changes.


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