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Traffic Potential

Shahid Maqbool

By Shahid Maqbool
On Jun 20, 2023

Traffic Potential

What is Traffic Potential?

Traffic potential is an estimate of how much search traffic a particular webpage or group of pages could get within an average month.

It represents the number of potential visits that page or site could attract naturally through search engines based on what the content is about and how relevant it is.

Why Does It Matter?

Understanding traffic potential is important because it can help website owners see how big the potential audience is for their content.

Pages with higher traffic potential mean more people are searching for that topic, indicating more interest and more opportunities to get traffic to those pages through search engine optimization (SEO).

If the traffic potential for a certain topic is very low, it may not make sense to spend a lot of time and effort creating content around it, from a search traffic perspective.

What Impacts Traffic Potential?

The traffic potential of a page depends on a few key things:

  • How popular or commonly searched the topic is

  • How many other authoritative sites there are on the topic (competition)

  • How well the page matches what users want to find (search intent)

  • The overall quality and optimization of the content

Pages that cover popular topics, don't have too much competition, match user intent well, and have high-quality, optimized content tend to have higher traffic potential.

Using Traffic Potential Wisely

While traffic potential can be a useful measure, it shouldn't be the only factor in deciding what content to create.

Some niche topics with lower search volumes could still be worth covering depending on your goals.

Looking at traffic potential along with other data can help make smart decisions about what content to prioritize.

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