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Google's John Mueller Reveals Threshold for Keyword Stuffing

Shahid Maqbool

By Shahid Maqbool
On Aug 4, 2023

Google's John Mueller Reveals Threshold for Keyword Stuffing

Key Takeaways

  • Google's Mueller warns against excessive keyword use (300-500+ repetitions).

  • 10-20 keyword mentions pose no worry for SEO.

  • Prioritize user satisfaction over outdated SEO tricks.

In a recent Twitter discussion, Google's John Mueller shed light on the threshold at which websites need to be cautious about keyword stuffing.

Mueller clarified that the worry arises when a page contains a staggering number of repetitions, ranging from 300-500 or even more instances of the same keyword.

Mueller tweet on keyword stuffing

He said that having only ten to twenty instances of a keyword on a page is not likely to draw attention.

However, if the count reaches the hundreds, there is a considerable risk of Google flagging the page for keyword stuffing.

Mueller another tweet on keyword stuffing

Engaging in such outdated SEO spam techniques may result in Google completely disregarding the content on the page.

While Mueller's insights may sound alarming to some, he reassured website owners that they need not be overly concerned.

Google's algorithms are well-equipped to detect stuffed keywords effortlessly, rendering the tactic ineffective. Instead, Mueller advised website owners to prioritize user experience.

They should focus on creating valuable content that caters to users' needs rather than relying on keyword stuffing for SEO purposes.

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