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Temporary Removals

Shahid Maqbool

By Shahid Maqbool
On Jul 7, 2023

Temporary Removals

What are Temporary Removals?

"Temporary Removals" is a feature in Google Search Console. It allows website owners to request that a specific page on their site be hidden from Google's search results for a little while.

You can choose to hide the page anywhere from 6 months up to 2 years.

Why Hide a Page Temporarily?

There are a few common reasons you might want to temporarily remove a page:

  • Making Updates: If you're revising or updating a page, you can hide it until the changes are done.

  • Sensitive Information: If a page accidentally shows private info or inappropriate content, you can quickly hide it while fixing the issue.

  • Testing Changes: Temporary Removals let you test out changes without affecting the page's search visibility until you're ready.

It's Not Permanent

It's important to remember that Temporary Removals are not permanent. The page will automatically start showing up in Google searches again after the removal period you selected ends.

If you want to permanently block a page, you need to use other methods.

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