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Shahid Maqbool

By Shahid Maqbool
On Jun 21, 2023


What is Guestographic?

A guestographic is a type of infographic that you create and submit to other websites to be included as part of their own content. It combines a visual infographic with guest posting.

The idea is similar to guest blogging. But instead of writing an article, you design an infographic related to the website's industry. Then you pitch it to site owners to include on their page.

The advantages of a guestographic are as follows:

  • Captures attention with visuals and graphics

  • Presents data in an easy-to-digest way

  • Is highly shareable on social media

You also get the guest posting benefits like backlinks, more exposure, and connecting with new audiences.

The main steps to create and distribute a successful guestographic include:

  • Research an engaging topic

  • Design an eye-catching infographic

  • Identify websites to pitch your infographic to

  • Write a summary to complement the visuals

  • Reach out to websites to publish your guestographic

So in summary, a guestographic leverages visual storytelling and distribution across websites to grow your influence and links.

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