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Google's Latest Update to FAQ and How-To Rich Results in Search

Shahid Maqbool

By Shahid Maqbool
On Aug 10, 2023

Google's Latest Update to FAQ and How-To Rich Results in Search

Key Takeaways

  • Google is adjusting how frequently FAQ and How-To rich results appear in search results due to their current saturation.

  • These changes will be rolled out globally over the next week.

  • The aim is to create a more organized and uniform search experience by refining the presentation of specific enhanced results in Google's search listings.

Google has announced that it will be changing how often FAQ and How-To rich results appear in its search results.

This decision comes in light of the fact that there are currently a lot of these types of results appearing in searches, which is making Google raise the bar for when they should appear.

These changes are planned to be introduced worldwide, covering all languages and regions, and they are expected to be implemented over the course of the following week.

The reason for making these changes is to make the search results look neater and more consistent for people using Google's search.

This adjustment focuses on how specific types of enhanced results are shown in Google's search listings.

Google said:

Google announcement on FAQ and How-To rich results

While these changes are being implemented, website owners don't have to remove the structured data systems they've set up.

Google suggests keeping the FAQPage and HowTo structured data on your web pages.

Google explains that having structured data that isn't being used doesn't harm search results, but it also doesn't provide any noticeable benefits within Google Search.

Overview of Google changes regarding FAQ and How-to rich results

Google initially introduced these specific enhanced search results in 2019. However, it seems that they have become overly common, exceeding an ideal level.

In an effort to uphold the credibility of these outcomes, Google has opted to limit the presentation of FAQ-rich results solely to authoritative government and health websites.

While there's a chance these results might still occasionally appear on other sites, Google has confirmed that they won't be a consistent feature anymore.

Here's how the upcoming changes will appear:

How FAQ rich results look like

For website owners aiming to include their content in these outcomes, Google emphasizes that eligibility will automatically place certain sites in the running.

This emphasizes the significance of enhancing the quality and relevance of a website's content.

Additionally, Google's adjustments extend to HowTo rich results. These outcomes will no longer appear in mobile search listings, becoming exclusively accessible via desktop search.

Google clarifies that How-To rich results derived from HowTo structured data will solely be viewable to desktop users. To achieve this, the necessary markup must be incorporated into a website's mobile version.

Google clarifies changes to How-To rich results

It's crucial to acknowledge the potential effects of these changes on web traffic and click-through rates.

Google anticipates a decrease in traffic stemming from its search engine, possibly resulting in reduced click-through rates visible within the Search Console.

Google assures website owners that this transition will be evident in the Search Console reporting.

Changes in GSC reports regarding FAQ and How-to rich results

As Google Search adapts, webmasters and content creators are advised to adjust accordingly, ensuring their sustained presence in search results.

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