Friends of Search 2023 - PROGRAM

Looking back on the fantastic Friends of Search Fest 2023! We had a great time discussing search marketing tactics. Check out photos and slides online!

Friends of Search is one of Europe's largest search conferences.
The conference attracts at least 600 visitors each year.
The event is tailored to consultants, marketers, and businesses of all sizes, providing the latest insights and techniques in SEO, SEA, and more.
Attendees can interact with international, expert-level speakers, ask questions, and network with other attendees to gain additional insights.
The next edition of Friends of Search will celebrate the conference's 10-year anniversary and include the first-ever Friends of Search Fest.
Friends of Search Fest is a special evening featuring food and music, held alongside the regular program.
The event will take place on March 23, 2023, at the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam.

Event Details

Kromhouthal in Amsterdam


23 March 2023


In Person

Reuben Milne, Bas van den Beld, Nataliya Kozak-Klaverstijn, Melanie Deziel, Lily Ray, Dan Morehead, Gemma Fontané, Simo Ahava, Barry Adams, Heather Physioc, Tom Pool, Hollie Gibson, Kristina Azarenko, Fabrice Canel, Mascha Driessen

SEO Spring Training
April 17th 2023
Event Closed
Event Closed
Event Closed